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With rare exceptions, the Department offers a minimum 4 years of support to all full-time PhD students, usually through Teaching Assistantships, plus a full tuition scholarship.

Teaching Assistants are required to teach, usually as assistants to History Department Professors in American History Surveys or in History General Education courses. Teaching assistants are required to attend lectures and supervise two to three recitation sections per semester.

 Typical PhD Funding Package:

$12,180 Baseline T.A. Stipend

$10,870 Tuition Scholarship

$ 2,000 Departmental support in the form of Fellowships and Grants

$ 25,050 Total estimated financial aid for a full-time doctoral students

Healthcare: Health Insurance is available to full-time PhD students with a Teaching Assistantship.

Dissertation Fellowships: Advanced PhD students may compete each year for additional support designated to travel and living expenses to conduct dissertation research outside the Western New York region. This funding is subject to availability but represents a possible 5TH year of support for qualified students.

Further opportunities are often available for advanced PhD students to teach their own undergraduate courses as paid adjunct or teaching associates. In this way, our very best students frequently receive 6 or possibly 7 years of total support.

Please contact us for more information about Department specific grants and fellowships. Please see the Graduate school’s list of scholarships and grants for additional funding opportunities such as the Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship Program for diversity or the UB Presidential Fellowship for outstanding incoming graduate students.