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Ndubueze Mbah Article Published in Journal of West African History

Assistant Professor Ndubueze Mbah has just had his article, entitled “Performing Ogaranya: Kalu Ezelu Uwaoma, Male Slavery, and Freedom Politics in Southeastern Nigeria, c. 1860-1940,” published in the Journal of West African History.

The article follows Kalu Uwaoma’s “social mobility from slave to slaver, warrant chief, Presbyterian elder, and British knight between 1865 and 1940,” to offer a “subaltern view of enslavement and the attainment of freedom in the Bight of Biafra.” Mbah argues that “Kalu’s biography was an argument against re-enslavement, a social projection of his freedom, and a rebellious manipulation of a new form of masculinity known as ogaranya (wealth-power), which signaled the masculinization of wealth and the emergence of men as arbiters of more powerful political institutions.”

The article can be found in Journal of West African History, Vol. 3, Iss. 1, (2017), 27-54.