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Professor Wolcott Interviewed

Professor and Chair Victoria Wolcott was recently interviewed for two different news outlets, offering commentary and context on 20th century Black history.

A large group of black women smiling at the camera, surrounded by a large stone wall and palm trees

Detroit Housewives League at Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba / Detroit Public Library Digital Collections


She spoke with Lester Grant from the Michigan Public Radio’s Stateside, a program about history, culture, and current events in Michigan, about the Detroit Housewives League. The organization, founded in 1930, focused on boosting Black-owned businesses in the city of Detroit. You can listen to the full conversation here.


Dr. Wolcott also spoke with The Washington Informer about the current role of the NAACP. She provided some context regarding the history of the NAACP, and how she believes the organization functions in today’s society.