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Historians ask “what” happened in the past and “why” to describe and interpret significant events in the history of our world. Students in history courses at UB explore what happened and why through many perspectives, whether political, economic, cultural or intellectual, religious, or social, and analyze historians’ debates. Through resources at UB students interpret published or unpublished written texts, film and other visual material, and oral testimony; the explosion of digitized materials has made a vast array of evidence available to study change over time in human society. Skills fostered by the faculty in the department of History – including the ability to write analytically and present arguments orally, to read critically and carefully, to find and manage information through research projects, and to think logically – serve students well in their later varied and stimulating careers. If you’re curious about what our majors go on to do after graduation, check out these testimonials from some of our recent alumni.

The following attributes and opportunities make History a great choice at UB:

  • small classroom experience and large research university resources
  • full, research-accomplished faculty primary instructors
  • most required classes thirty-five or fewer students
  • opportunities for research, including through the departmental Honors Program
  • Public History Internships to bridge classroom academic work with educational, historical, and non-profit work experience in museums and organizations with a strong history component
  • study abroad a good fit – and departmental scholarships to support it
  • a natural with Finish in Four
  • possibility for continued study in our MA/PhD programs

If you’re worried about some of the myths associated with a history major, read this great essay (complete with colorful graphs!) that provides some important facts about history majors, such as median income, common careers, and unemployment statistics.

For information about the program: Please visit 544 Park Hall to see the undergraduate program assistant, Ms. Gloria Piotrowski. Students may leave forms or check on the content of their academic advising reports during regular business hours at this office.

For advising:

Professor Carole Emberton
Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
554 Park Hall

Drop-In Advisement Hours Fall 2017:

Tuesday/Thursday 10-12
Wednesday  2-4

Undergraduate Program Assistant:
Ms. Piotrowski
546 Park Hall