University at Buffalo Department of History

Minor Requirements

Acceptance Criteria

Minimum GPA of 2.0 overall.

Advising Notes

A minimum grade of C- is required in any course intended to count toward graduation requirements.

Only one World Civilization course (UGC 111 or UGC 112) may be used as part of the six required courses

Courses with grades of Satisfactory under the S/U option (designated by the student) or Pass under P/F option (designated by the student) are not acceptable in fulfillment of the course requirements for history majors.

A course used to fulfill a requirement for a major or minor in another subject may not also fulfill a requirement for the history minor.

Required Courses

18 credit hours (normally six, 3-credit courses) must be completed with a minimum grade of C- required in each course intended to count toward graduation requirements.

A minimum of 3 of these must be upper-division courses. (300-400 level)

Note: There are no prerequisites for progression through the history minor, but history students are encouraged to take lower level courses prior to taking upper level courses. Students should consult with the director of undergraduate studies in Park 540 to plan their course of study.

Up to three history courses at the 100/200 level (including World Civilizations) may be counted toward the minor requirements. Recommended courses include HIS 111, HIS 142, HIS 151, HIS 152, HIS 161, HIS 162, and HIS 182. It is recommended that these courses be taken in either the first or second year.

Total required credit hours for the minor: 18


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